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Two food stall in Newton Food Centre cheated me




Number 74! Cheaters shop! I can’t believe it! This crap is happening in Singapore! The guy of this ‘You will never walk alone’ shop literally did not let us walk alone. He followed us till we sat down! He put his menu on our table. But because we have eaten here before and hated it, we refused to order from them!

We ordered from 76. And when food arrived, we realized that the guy from 76 passed on the order to 74 because the stupid guy insisted that his menu was on our table and hence we were his customers! Utter bullshit! U mean…you own table no 164??!! Rubbish!! So angry! We questioned both men and they started pointing fingers at each other.

Then, a new story came about which Muslim people should be aware about. Apparently, they stalls are owned by same owner. 74 is halal…76 is non-halal. They have different names. BUT…apparently we can choose from 74 & cook at 76 or vice versa! (Muslim friends and family, please pass this on…beware!)

Best part…we ordered Kailan n it came overflowing with water and not oyster sauce, we paid extra $5 for salted egg for crab and the crab had little to no salted egg! Wah Lau! Paid over $50 for such little crab! When we asked him, he said we did not ask for extra sauce and I just said BUT I NEVER ORDERED FROM YOU! Then he asked me to talk to cook who said, Chinese salted egg crab not saucy! Wtf! U mean got Indian salted egg crab meh??!! So angry…stared my Singapore trip with poor service and ending it with poor service! So so sad that idiots like that tarnish the good name of my country!
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Source: Veni Kumar



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