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This woman scolded and complained about breastfeeding mummy just because she’s feeding a hungry infant




This lady was pissed off and angry because there’s a breastfeeding mummy feeding her little ones in MRT. She even when on to complain to the station staff and the poor mummy was being reprimanded and asked to get off the train. Is this fair ?

Angry netizen comment:

“Why can’t she just mind her own business man…”

“I still don’t get it why people are not okay with mummies breastfeeding in public. Can someone tell me why?”

“Maybe she’s jealous because she can’t breastfeed. If I’m there, i’d stand up for the mummy”

Perhaps, MRT stations should have breastfeeding rooms built for them and members of the public need to be more accommodating and understanding towards a nursing mother.

(Source: Facebook)



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