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This woman dangles her baby at the edge of the railing in the shopping mall



baby dangles from the edge of shopping mall railing

I want to bring to your attention this sighting of a parent resting her child on the railing inside a shopping mall. Did she ever stop to think what would happen if the child starts to fidget, or worse, kick and scream like babies normally do? Those with kids like me will know how hard it is to control a child when they have their moods. One slip and it’s the end!What’s worse is the people jalan jalan on the ground floor could get hurt too.

And then as is the Singaporean way, blame the mall for installing this kind of railings, blame the mall aircon for being too strong and blow the child away, blame the government for not making sure mall structure is sound, blame everyone but themselves for their carelessness.

Parents, please always make sure that you take proper care of your kids and don’t get carried away with chatting or using your handphone. Because really ah, some accidents there’s no one else to blame but yourself.

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h/t: Levin

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