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This kid was bullied and got punched. But after a while, he couldn’t take it anymore and do this!



school bully

This is a case of bully in Vietnam. This kid was bullied and got punched. But after a while, he couldn’t take it any more and do this!

Luckily the victim was able to defend himself! Power lah sial!

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Rider sped off without stopping to help after accident on TPE





Herman shared videos of an accident involving two motorcycles that was caught on video on Tuesday (21 May) at around 4:17 am according to the timestamp on the camera.

In the post, he mentioned that one of the rider involved was his dad and he needs help from social media to identify the other rider who sped off without stopping to help

We have compiled the video below.


If you can’t read it, this is what he wrote:

Anyone who got the information of the rider please informed us . It happened at today at 430am on 21/05/2018.
After you hit my Dad motorcycle. You never even want to stop and check but you Run off …
Happened at the exit to Anchorvale Rd ..
He is badly injuries due to your dangerous riding attitude.

This happened at the exit to Anchorvale Road.

Currently, his dad sustained injuries and is seeking medical treatment.

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19-year-old NUS student dies in tragic car crash along Clementi



A 19-year-old university student has died after a car collided with the taxi that she was in on Thursday evening (April 19).

Photo Credit: Facebook

The National University of Singapore (NUS) student was in a taxi with three other friends when the accident occured at around 7.30pm.

The taxi was making a right turn at the Clementi Road junction when a car, who was going straight, smashed into the left side of his vehicle. The impact sent both cars spinning out of control.


In the impact, the deceased was flung halfway out of the vehicle. Another male passenger, a 22-year-old NUS student, had to be extricated from the vehicle by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) using hydraulic tools.

The four students and two drivers were all taken to National University Hospital (NUH). However, the woman succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Photo Credit: Straits Times

In a statement by NUS, the school confirmed the accident and the death of one of their students. Another student was seriously injured with the remaining two in stable conditions.

The statement added:

The university is deeply saddened by the accident. University staff and counsellors are in touch with the family and friends of the four students involved to provide support and assistance. Our thoughts are with them during this difficult time

A video of the accident was put up on Facebook page on Friday morning and has since been viewed over 61,000 times.


Photo Credit: Straits Times

Police investigations are ongoing.

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Does having ‘money to burn’ entitle you to a family lot?: Woman apparently thinks so



Facebook user Daniel Choo recently took to Facebook to post about an encounter with a rude women in a carpark who parked her car in a lot reserved for families.

Photo Credit: Daniel Choo

Recently, Daniel, a man who was travelling with two kids and a baby at that time, filmed an ugly encounter with a women over a family lot.

Photo Credit: Daniel Choo

The women, who was driving alone, had parked her car in a bigger lot that was reserved for families. When approached, the woman then proceeded to tell Daniel that she had “three cars” and “money to burn”.

After Daniel tried to reason with her, she claimed that it was “first come first served” when it came to parking in that lot.

To which an exasperated Daniel explained that family lots were not first come first serve but rather went according to the person’s needs. He further explained this in the edited note he added to his original Facebook post.

Photo Credit: Daniel Choo

The video can be viewed here.

This is also not the first time that this woman has been noticed for inconsiderate driving and parking.

Netizens who saw the post reported seeing her inconsiderate parking acts at the block of flats where she reportedly lives.

Photo credit: Facebook

Facebook user Minghui Ming also recently uploaded a video of the same driver cutting recklessly  into her lane at a turning. This overtaking move is illegal and could have caused an accident. It would appear that the driver has no real concern about other drivers.

What are your thoughts?

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