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Think twice if you say CPF is good and they give payouts to retirees




For those geniuses that say “CPF is good, they give payouts to retirees,” I want you to know that my late father, as a retiree, got payouts of only $300 a month. That’s $10 a day. With food expenses, he’s probably only left with $3+ a day.

My dad was ill. He had to visit the hospital once every month. Think about it, would the $300 be enough to cover the taxi fare and medication? No, of course not.

With regards to Medisave, though, I was perplexed that he was told he could not use it for certain appointments; there was apparently a limit imposed on the use of Medisave.

My dad had hidden the fact from my mum and me that he had cancer. This was only made known to us after we spoke to some of his friends after his death. My dad didn’t want our family to run into financial issues. What really broke my heart was that after speaking to a few of his friends from the Blk 136 Potong Pasir coffeeshop, they had witnessed him vomiting blood while he sat by the roadside. They wanted to call him an ambulance. He refused.

He was 67. He had more than $50k in his CPF account, WHICH HE COULD HAVE USED FOR TREATMENT, but decided to hide his illness from us instead.

So, in this GE2015, I urge you, my friends, to vote very very wisely.

EDIT: Didn’t expect my post to be shared so many times…

For those who doubt my story, I don’t need you to believe what I’ve shared. I’m just sharing what my family had experienced. It’s okay if you don’t believe what I wrote, I won’t force you to do so either.

EDIT 2: Hi everybody. I have been informed by some people that their parents/relatives were able to use their Medisave for treatment down to the very last cent. I have no right to doubt them, but I do want to point out that my father hid his illness from us.

I am the only child in the family, and the only one who knows how to access the internet and get information as fast as I want. If I knew he had cancer, I would have searched for such an alternative without delay.

Now with the Pioneer Generation scheme in place (which hadn’t been introduced when my father passed on), the government heavily advertises the scheme, through the Internet, TV, Radio, and all kinds of media you can think of. If only my father, or rather, seniors in general, were so well-informed about the proper use of Medisave/CPF, I’m sure my dad would be still be alive now, going though chemotherapy.

Also, for those who think I’m simply biased against the PAP, I’d like to say that I do not oppose every policy that the PAP had put in place before GE2015. Some policies, I feel, are for the good for the people. Some, however, are made by people who are totally out-of-touch with the average Singaporean.

Thank you.



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