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Staff didn’t help me when I lost my balance and nearly fell because of un even floor!



Yesterday (7 Aug 15) about 2000 hours at Bedok Point doing shopping at Harvey Norman. Whilst shopping for products, due to the un level floor as shown on pictures, I suddenly lost my balance and nearly fell to the floor. Thus my leg suffered severe pain from the knee downwards and I was unable to move at all. I was unable to move an inch and yet no nearby shop staff/assistant cam eto help for a time period of 20 minutes.

I requested the shop person in charge and told him what happened at the shop and my leg injury due to unlevelness of the floor. The shop person in charge was not interested to know my leg injury and/or severe pain and my explanation. He just concluded that my fall has nothing to do with the shop or its accessories and walked away after saying I am sorry.

I have no choice but to call police assistance and an ambulance came to take me to Changi General Hospital. I am still under treatment/observation at the hospital when sending this episode via internet.

At this moment, my heart hurts more than my physical injury.

Source: Seah Jud

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