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SLE1186Y failed to stop at traffic light and almost killed 3 pedestrians at Commonwealth



A driver was caught on camera beating a red light at Commonwealth Avenue West on Feb 16. posted a video on their Facebook page showing the driver of a red car with license plate number SLE1186Y drives right through the junction, beating the red light.

In the video, pedestrians seem shocked and shaken as they saw the red car drove past them.

Watch the video below.

SLE1186Y sped through a pedestrian crossing and could have taken 3 lives along Commonwealth Avenue West towards Dover Road. Happened on 16/2/18 at 2.28 pm.For driving without due care or reasonable consideration for other road users, a fine or $170.00 and 9 demerit points. Failing to conform to traffic red light signals attracts a fine of $200.00 and 12 demerit points.A police report has be lodged against this female driver of SLE1186Y (we have a witness and we want to make sure TP gets hold of this female driver).Credit: R.Lim

Posted by on Saturday, 17 February 2018




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