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Shopping at IKEA turns into nightmare when thief cut my bag and stole my wallet!



Happened in IKEA! These culprits are really good.
They work really fast. Please be alert!

My handbag were cuts with knife. Alhamdulillah, luckily I’m not injured. But they got my purse. All the cards and money were gone. Poor thing that I just withdrew the money. They did the same to the person behind me. And luckily too my husband’s wallet which happen to be in the bag were still there.

Please make this viral! Keep your handbag closed to you and be careful as they are using a very sharp knife. It might hurt you.
Old lady and mother with kids are their easy target.

P.S: This happened in Malaysia. Be careful of your belonging wherever you go!
Source: Bella Jaffar



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