SG50 Bonus should be given to all low income Singapore Citizen not just Civil “Servants”



Every time always about civil servant and i’m sick of it. Maybe the Government should re-looked and, since its SG50, give that $500 to the road sweepers, the cleaners, the old age, the poor, the homeless, the middle n low income families, the true Singaporean, the parents of special children and children with chronic illnesses, the preschool teachers, the odd job laborers, the single parents, the orphanages, old folks at old folks home, and the housewives.

Not specifically for civil servants!

Sorry but, No offence. I just hope this msg gets to you and the whole gang. 500 is a big deal to the above people. It is not just my opinion alone but I’m sure the rest of the ‘regular’ Singaporeans would agree with me.



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