Second escalator accident this week. Malls seems to be taking such accidents too lightly?


I would like to seek advice from the mummies, I was holding hand with my son.. he was standing right beside me, we were going down the escalator. my son also dunno what had happened and the there was like some cracking noise and i thought something dropped and my auto senses immediately carried my son when i heard the sound the next moment i saw his shoe was poked by the part of the escalator 😱😱😱shivering @amkhub

The points is;
-If his feet was not out from shoe, he could be losing his feet.
-the way it poke through is like can be happen even if he is not wearing crocs.(its from the bottom of the shoe. His crocs bottom was the type of normal sneaker rubber)
-I really don’t understand his left shoe can be like this when he was standing right side of me.
-the management bought him new pair of shoes but cannot believe they gotten him a new pair of fake crocs which can be more risky of even worse situation his foot..
-the management reaction was just getting a new pair of shoe for him thats all just because he did not injured like bleeding that is because I carried him immediately away from the escalator. I really felt that they did not take thing seriously dangerous.


I really want to inform all mommies please strongly stress your kids not to stand edge of the escalator seriously don’t know what will gonna happen. The part can be poor maintenance and can be tore off like this. May causes your children end up losing feet for whole life when you actually just came to shopping happily.i was really so fear for whole time up to now.