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Scoot flight delayed for more than 21 hours, Angry passengers storm in!




A delayed Scoot flight to Perth on Saturday (Jun 20) left many passengers disgruntled.

Scoot flight TZ8 to Perth was originally scheduled to depart from Singapore at 12.10pm on 20 June, but took off about 21 hours later.

Scoot said in a statement: “It was delayed at Changi Airport due to a technical issue and we regret that the delay has inconvenienced our guests.”

Videos of the scene at Changi Airport on Saturday evening show angry passengers demanding compensation while a ground handler admits to not being able to do anything, as “we are guided by Scoot”.

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“First it was that the plane was delayed, then came that the tyre was worn out, then came the pilot being unable to fly because you had stretched over the time limit,” wrote Cole.

The passenger also complained that the airline had merely offered travel vouchers in compensation, and eventually asked Singaporeans to go home.

“We have already paid way more than what we budgeted for, just to stay in Changi Airport for over 10 hours for meals, and to make things worse, we had to pay two-way cab fare, which is already about $50, and you are giving us a voucher to subject us to this trouble all over again?” Cole wrote.

“The management just walked away without providing hotel accommodation to transit passengers and Singaporeans were asked to go home,” said the caller. “They also said the decision was final – take it or leave it. People were unhappy.”

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