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School food seller scolded my daughter just because my parents got a new stall beside her




This Stall no. 7 owner who sell food in SengKang Green Primary School is a lady wearing a specs scolded my daughter (primary 1 student) in the school.

Ok things goes like that…

My parent was a new stall owner too in the school and i believe Stall no. 7 owner is unhappy that my parent successfully bidded a stall to sell food in the school and somehow ‘cut’ off some of her profits.

Last Week around the date of 19-20th August my daughter was eating biscuit after school dismissal hours and after she had finish eating she dump the wrappers into Stall no. 7 rubbish bin, so she was unhappy and bring the whole rubbish bin to my parent at Stall no. 5 to show them the biscuit wrapper stating that my daughter had dump the wrapper into her rubbish bin and what to be done. So my parent apologised to her and transfer the wrapper back to my parent own rubbish bin. After awhile when my daughter is doing her homework at the school canteen table just outside in between the both stalls. The owner of Stall no. 7 shouted across and scolded my daughter for not having hands to clear her own rubbish. ( i thought dumping a rubbish into a rubbish bin was the correct way? Why was she being scolded by the stall owner) After my daughter was being scolded she stop her homework and felt scared by the way the Stall no. 7 owner actions. She was being stared again yesterday 24/8/15 by the helper in that stall, thru this way of doing i don think its appropriate for stall owner to act this way to student of the school. I reported police today 25/8/15 and make a case report incase the Stall no. 7 owner might do other actions someday to my daughter.

Purpose of writing this here is to alert the current and future parents who is going to send their child to this school to be careful of this Stall no. 7 owner. Please tell your child if there is any problems in school please speak up. Do not accept this type of ill-mannered stall owners or anyone in the school premises. It will affect the child learning path.

Source: Jho Jho

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