SBS driver helped this granny crossed the road and greet people when they board his bus


SBS Transit, this gentleman among many of your drivers really need recognition!

As I was waddling towards the busstop & saw the bus approaching, I made a gesture hopeful he will see me from afar. He did & patiently waited. His sincere warm smile & ‘you’re welcome’ greeted my panting ‘thank you’. Awesome start!

At then at the next few bus stops, the driver alighted the bus & ran across the road in a hurry. And this was the sight I saw. He helped the granny crossed the road, boarded the bus, seated the granny comfortably & apologized to everyone before he carried on the journey. MasyaAllah, only God knows how proud I felt to witness this simple human act.

What I experience today, among the super rare bus rides I take, these gestures really swell my heart.
Muhd Faiz (if I see your nametag correctly) may God bless you!

Source: Nirna Sarnin