Precautionary measures in our choice of cuisines including raw fish, Dr Bernard Yeo


Dear all, one of my friends uncle was hospitalised because of raw fish. Received the following, please re-direct for you and your family’s reference:

Hi Friends, pls take precautionary measures in our choice of cuisines, so that we won’t regret:

Dear Family,
(1) I had earlier told Wan Kam and Phil about Ann’s friend’s son, Sam, who died today, after suffering for 2 wks from bacterial streptococcus infection after eating sashimi on national day weekend. His young wife and small son were also hit but they survived. The young wife may go mad and the family is worried abt her. So sad.

(2) Another close long-time friend of Ann, a Prof Tan from NUS was also hit by the same bacteria. He also ate salmon sashimi 2mths ago. He was rushed to NUH and his condition was critical. In ICU for 1 mth. Had another 1 mth stay in NUH. Now they have transferred him to Ang Mo Kio hospital as he now needs physio therapy to learn how to walk and also learn to write. He is a practicing Lecturer in NUS..Can you imagine he is now paralysed and has to learn how to write! His wife, also a close friend of Ann’s is so stressed up. She is a Pharmacist and runs her own pharmacy and is struggling with caring for her sick husband. The bacteria went to his brain! He had meningitis. He has now lost the use of all his nerves. He is totally paralyzed. He also cannot eat solids cos he can’t swallow!

(3) Yesterday, Straits Times wrote about a young man who had eaten raw fish at a porridge stall and was hit by the same bacteria. He now has his hands and legs amputated!

(4) Channel News Asia recently reported and interviewed another young man in hospital. He had eaten sashimi at a Japanese restaurant and was hit by this bacteria. His knee caps swelled to almost bursting the blood vessels! They had told him that amputation may be needed. He said in the TV interview that the pain was excruciating. Till now the Ministry of Health is still downplaying the severity of this problem for fear of causing harm to business owners and fish suppliers, without any concern for the safety of the public. With all these four cases that we know about now, we need to really tell people about what has happened so that no one should die from eating poisoned fish. If the govt had issued a warning when it started showing up in Jan 2015, Ann’s friend’s son, Sam wud not have died. He didn’t know..neither did all those people who were hit. According to MOH, there had been 20 cases of this EVERY WEEK since Jan. Now since they issued restrictions on Song Fish and other fish suppliers, there are now 3 new cases EVERY WEEK. The number has come down but that is still too many. Let’s stop eating raw food. It’s not worth taking this big risk. And if you think you are strong, the people you share the sashimi with may have some weak foundation which they may not be strong enough to fight the infection. You don’t know what is the health state of the people you eat with. So just Be wise and don’t order sashimi. Oysters and cockles are also risky to eat now. Pls exercise wisdom.

Source: Dr Bernard Yeo