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Please save this makcik from her abusive daughter!



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Before anything, I would like to apologise if this video or my post may hurt or offend anyone.

This video is definitely not something that any child or human being would want to see. Have you ever wonder how an abused woman is living in her own house? We have been seeing the changes in the old lady. From an old cheerful lady to a botak and fragile old lady whose face is bruised everytime single time we saw her. As much as we would want to render help, we are in no position to. (domestic affair) We have been witnessing alot of incident but just this one time, we decided to discreetly video-ed them. They were pretending to be talking nicely when my mum was along the corridor hanging the laundry. But the moment my mum stepped into our house…………this is just one of the things that happened. This is not the first time. Watch it. Such inhuman. The one who is slapping her is……………….her own daughter. How could you. She’s your own mum. She carried you in her womb. How could you gang up with others against your own mum?

I know many others would comment on why are we not doing anything. However we are sharing this video with hope that many others would help us stop all this together. I hope all of you can share this video.#savethemakcik

Watch video here

The address is 48 lower delta road #03-05


Updates:Hey guys..thankz to allah the authority act so fast..police officer were seen gkin to that makcik unit..the makcik was taken to hospital with bandaged head..the young lady was taken into custody to assisst in the investigation..pray hard for makcik.. ‪#‎savethemakcik‬
Thankz all..we did it..SG50..



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