Passengers allegedly sprayed fire extinguisher over taxi for unknown reason

According to Danny, two passengers allegedly sprayed a fire extinguisher at his taxi. He picked them at a bus stop along Marina Bay Sands around 7:43pm.

Two ang moh allegedly spray fire extinguisher all over the taxi at Arab Street.Thelocalsociety

Posted by Thelocalsociety on Thursday, 31 August 2017

He realised that they had a fire extinguisher with them when they were in the taxi. However, he did not suspect anything because one guy was wearing formal attire.

Upon alighting the taxi, the black t-shirt passenger started spraying the fire extinguisher at Danny’s taxi.

He immediately got out, locked my doors and chased after the two guys.

He called the police, who came down to the scene and brought the extinguisher back for evidence. However, the two guys had already slipped off by then.

“I hope these jokers will get caught, be it through social media or the police.” said Danny.