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Passenger books Grab, but driver never arrived, despite taking 20 hours ride



By now, we all have heard enough of all the horror stories on grab/uber rides/passengers/drivers, but check this out:

In the latest series of tug of war between a driver and a passenger, none other than the infamous Elizabeth Boon, made headlines for her post-grad photo series, her tongue-in-cheek Pokémon Go-inspired dating app idea, and her Instagram boyfriend boot camp video — booked a JustGrab vehicle and received confirmation that the driver was finishing up another ride near her location.

She waited about 10 minutes until she noticed the car was suspiciously still stationary on the map, so she called and texted the driver, but her attempts at communication were fruitless.

Meanwhile, the car looked like it was moving further off. The five-starred driver kept on rejecting her calls, so she eventually found another way home.

Here’s the best part: The next morning, her ride was still on the way. Seems like the driver refused to bear the consequences of canceling the booking (which will affect his incentive), so he waited her out.

However, he didn’t forsee that she was also capable of being as patient as him. Naturally, Elizabeth took to social media to share witty updates on the ongoing drama. Here’s the breakdown on the sequence of events:




In the afternoon, the driver finally relented and called Elizabeth, questioning why she did not cancel ride — he also took the opportunity to offer excuses for his behavior.

Unfortunately, the cancel button decided to fail Elizabeth her just then. (Well, sometimes shit happens all at once, such is the reality and harshness of what we call, life!)





Finally, by early evening, Elizabeth managed to find a friend to pull some strings and make Grab cancel the ride for her. So 20 long hours later, her sensational and thrilling adventure with the driver came to an end.


Now that this is finally over, we can look forward to other tantalising dramas!



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