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Parents sent child to infant care but withdrew him the next day as they suspect the centre of drugging their child!



amazing star childcare

01 Apr16 was a terrifying day for us.

We sent our baby to this infant care named Amazing Star Montessori House at Blk 306 Ubi Ave 1. Initially we were told that we can accompany our baby for the first 3 days. But on the first day (01Apr16), they do not allow us to stay inside. They only allow one parent to go in for a min as they said other infants may get frighten if the babies see strangers going in! Ok, I am fine with their reason.

But when I requested to re-visit my baby, they asked me to wait outside the centre for more than 15 minutes instead of bring me in directly to see my baby! Something must be fishy! When we brought our baby back home at the end of the day, we noticed that our baby slept all the way to 10pm that night!

When he woke up and cried for milk, he seemed so tired with very little energy to call out for milk. When we called out his name and played with him, he did not react to us like usual where he will smile at us and shout for hug hug! He did not recognise us at all!!

We were so worried and our mind went blank! We just hope to see him become active again!! After one bottle of milk, he fell asleep again and slept through the night till the next morning! One important thing to note, I can smell something from his milk bottles when I collected the bottles from the school and washed them at home! We are worried and suspected my baby could have been drugged!

On the next day, we immediately withdrew our baby from the centre and asked for trial period refund ($650). The centre refused to refund us as they said they already key in my son’s particulars into ECDA! However, the parent’s handbook and contract that I acknowledged stated that we can get full or pro-rated refund within the trial period!

Additionally, when my Husband confronted them that they gave my baby drug to make him sleep and to make their job easier, they quickly apologised to us. If you are not guilty or you did not drug my baby, why did u apologise immediately?

Please share our story!! I wish all other parents reading my post can stay away from this centre! We hope to rescue all other infants from their dirty and cruel hands!! They just want our money and easy job, they do not care for our children. Again, the centre name is Amazing Star Montessori House (Ubi).

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