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Parents, Here’s why you should never cover blankets on your pram with your child in the hot sun!




I thought with summer coming up and I’ve seen a lot of mums in cities doing it, so I thought I’d share this as a awareness.

The risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is dramatically increased when a young baby is exposed to intense heat – which means that, while many parents believe they are sheltering their children from the sun, they could actually be placing their offspring in more danger.

Svante explained: “If a child gets too hot then the child may think that it is back in the womb, which is why breathing may stop.”

The best bet for parents is to abandon the practice of using towels or thin blankets as a cover and instead place the pram in the shade

Without a blanket or scarf covering the pram, the temperature reached 22C.
However, when a thin cover was placed over for the next 30 minutes, the heat rose dramatically to 34C.

After an hour, the temperature sat at a sweltering 37C.

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(Source: Facebook mummy)

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