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OWNDAYS Singapore’s latest promotion ended prematurely, sparking anger in many people who missed out



1 Follower = $0.05 Off, 1 Like = $0.50 Off

With their new ‘follower discount’ campaign, anyone with an Instagram account has the chance to receive a discount off the purchase of their next pair of spectacles.

Japanese eyewear chain OWNDAYS‘s new ‘follower discount’ campaign is getting people to make their #owndaysfollowerdiscount go viral!

To be entitled to the discounts, you’ll need to complete the following:

  1. Follow OWNDAYS Singapore Instagram
  2. Snap a photo in any OWNDAYS Shop and post it on Instagram with the campaign hashtags
  3. Prove that you’ve done the steps above, and show your follower numbers and likes on the qualifying post to the staff at checkout to get your discount

The below pictures are just some of their excited and fulfilled participants!

Here’s more happy customers who made use of the discount at OWNDAYS!

Currently, there are 26 OWNDAYS outlets all around Singapore.

And it’s not just expanding for the sake of it – according to a report on The Straits Times last April, an average of 6,000 pairs of spectacles are sold every week, and one-fifth of its customers buy “at least two pairs of spectacles from the brand each year, with some purchasing up to four pairs a year”.

There are already over with the #owndaysfollowerdiscount hashtag as off now.

Incredibly impressive, given that the unconventional publicity campaign just started on 5th March 2018, and was only publicised on their Facebook page fairly recently.

In the last week, we've seen each and every one of your #owndaysfollowerdiscount snaps streaming in on Instagram, and we are heartened and humbled by your support. We knew that this campaign would resonate with you, but the response that we've received has far exceeded our expectations. Over the past few days, our dedicated team has worked tirelessly in our stores to ensure that thousands of customers across the island get their favourite pair of OWNDAYS glasses. With this, we would like to announce that due to the overwhelming response that we've received, the campaign has now ended. We understand that some of you may be disappointed, but we're happy to share that we will offer $10 off a pair of prescription glasses tomorrow, 9 March at all OWNDAYS outlets. Once again, we thank you for the photos that you've posted, and for every like, share and comment that each of you have contributed.

A post shared by OWNDAYS SINGAPORE (@owndays_sg) on

For those who missed out on the deal, fret not!

OWNDAYS Singapore shared that they will be offering $10 off a pair of prescription glasses today, on 9th March 2018 at all OWNDAYS outlets.

Despite the huge success of the campaign, many people who missed out aired their anger online.

According to some online comments, redemption was apparently stopped at stores before the announcement was issued.

A mini debate also ensued:

Amidst the mass frustration, some have taken a step back to express their amusement at the whole situation:

Some even called that this promotion was not entirely genuine at all as it generated a lot of superficial “exchange of likes and followers” on Instagram.

However, according to a staff who ranted online, the management did state (on their official site) that they have the right to end any promotion without prior notice:

However, we could not find the disclaimer on the company’s T&C page.

All of this could’ve been prevented if OWNDAYS had paid more attention to their T&Cs for the campaign.

Clearly, it was not stated in the T&Cs that they have the right to pause the promotion at any time.

A commenter pointed out that in their general Terms and Conditions page, there is a liner that states that “OWNDAYS reserve the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time”,  and that customers “should understand that by ordering any of our products, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions”.

Nonetheless, an understanding and acceptance of all terms still cannot be assumed – especially since they didn’t state it on the campaign’s page.

In sum, OWNDAYS started out with the intention to give a manageable boost to publicity, BUT had a grave oversight in creating the T&Cs for the campaign. Secondly, this will most definitely make an apt case study for other companies on what to look out for before executing audacious campaigns in Singapore.



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