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Over 3000+ Punggol Waterway Terraces BTO resident fed up with poor quality & workmanship



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Sir, I trust that everything is good and well on your side. It is with a heavy heart I Pen this issue on behalf of 3000+ residents because very obviously – Everything is NOT going well for the residents of Waterway Terraces 1.

Apart from the previous issues including the 4 pipes placed awkwardly etc which we did not get much resolution from.

Last night’s heavy downpour had caused several issues for many of us.

At approx 2 am rain started pouring in and it seeped into the homes of many of our residents.

This was accompanied by the ringing of lift alarm which woke most residents up. The Fire brigade were activated by our residents because we had to ensure if it was a no duff situation then help was rendered.

Yes I agree that when mother nature decides to make her point, there isnt much anybody can do. But it also sets many of us wondering why many of our homes came with so much flaws.

BSC has not been the best source of resolutions.

I tag you here on social media on considerations for your administrators, because if we were to all write in, you would receive tons of the same email.


For one, I do not believe in 200 emails to make a point across and sincerely seek your understanding on our intentions and voices together with much frustrations.

I now invite all the affected residents to post their images and videos of the happenings last night and request that your good self, Our Honourable MP respond with your opinions.

Yours sincerely

Johnny Chiang
On behalf of my neighbours of blk 308A
And residents affected by the issues



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