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Online news site The Middle Ground shutting down their website



The Middle Ground announced that they are shutting down their doors when they published an article on 28 October at 12:17am.

The co-founders, Daniel Yap & Bertha Henson had to shut down as they were unable to sustain long term without departing from the core values they had.

Statement from The Middle Ground:

DEAR readers,

Bertha and I want to thank you for your support for TMG over the last two and a half years. It’s been a great encouragement to know that so many of you have been reading TMG regularly, and have been sharing and interacting with our content.

I want to let you know today that we’ve decided to start the process of winding down our publication. It’s a decision that the TMG team has been dreading for some time, and we wanted to let you know as soon as possible.

We have just over 200 patrons on the platform, contributing about $3,000 each month, and the choices we made meant that we were not as attractive as other platforms when it came to sheer traffic and viral content – the lifeblood of ad campaigns. Unfortunately, the overheads for a solid news editorial team run into the tens of thousands, and TMG wasn’t an operation we could sustain long term, not without departing from the core values that we hold dear.

I’m sorry that we’ve not been able to make this work in this form. There are things we could have done better, and in many ways we were too optimistic about the sustainability of this project.

The decision was a difficult one, but it was the only decision that made sense to us.

A great man once said, “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain”. We think it is better to go out on a good note than to have to change and become something we don’t want to be. Our patrons and the clients who stuck with us are our heroes.

We want to thank them for everything they’ve given to us.

This process of winding down TMG will take between one  and three months, because of some of the obligations we have to our clients and suppliers. These will have to be negotiated, but we commit to publishing what we can while we fulfil our obligations. We will cancel our TMG Patreon campaign effective Nov 15, 2017. Bertha and I will be going back to blogging for now.

I hope one day that there will be a way to publish the news in Singapore that puts readers first. The news needs to find a new model. This would mean that readers should pay for what they need and what they want to read. We hope that what we have done at TMG will be an inspiration to those that come after us.

With thanks,
The TMG Team.

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