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NUH doctors was being rude & told my dad he have HIV but apparently that was a false statement




Dear TLS,

Please Share!!! My Dad was having “SHINGLES”. As in the beginning

Which my family and I brought him to “NUH” Emergency. At about 7.18pm and make a payment of $108.00. And he also have fever..

Wait for the Q number, after which the nurse mentioned have to isolate my dad.

A few hours later, he is admitted to Ward 61 Bed 9. He was craving for roti parta… Which I get for him… When I reach to the ward.. I was greet by a malay care taker(Malay man) he show us the room which my dad was isolated.. At that time my dad was in the toilet. While waiting the nurse who is a foreigner from China.. Explain to us the procedure to meet my dad in the room.. And also ask some questions.. She was nice and friendly..

After which, we when to the room.. To meet my dad as he is hungry.. After 10 mins a night shift doctor namely DR Julian loi came and ask the normal questions and ask us to leave the room as he would like to speak privately with my dad.

While talking another doctor came by which she is sighing away.. Wash her hands.. Not happy looks.. Her name is DR Tay Yi Hang.. She go in to the room and speak to my father..

5 mins later, both came out.. Remove their gloves and wash their hands.. And are away from us about 5 to 10 steps away.. As we keep on standing directly outside my dad isolation room from the beginning..

So I ask both of them.. Do you have anything to explain to us? As we need to explain about my dad conditions. She gave a look.. And a hand signal.. Wait…

So we keep on looking at them for few mins.. And we ask again, and told them.. Is already very late.. And we would not want to wake the other patients up.. So we can leave and visit him again.

Again ask to wait, will a roll eyes.. I was thinking to myself.. What’s wrong with this doctors.. Thru out, was having a very bad attitude.. Rude.. Showing a unpleasant face.. With a look… Hmmmm…

Again I ask them with a little high tone, so they quickly came over. So I explain my dad conditions.. And ask them, do you have anything for us to know about my dad.. Again, I am not a doctor.. They are.. They should explain to us… But they said, there’s nothing for us to tell you.. And walk away just like that.. I was pissed with their behavior…

So I when back to my dad room which in the isolation room.. And told my dad, we have to leave and not to worry.. We will come back tomorrow.. My dad was tearing and he look stress.. I ask him.. ” ok dad, we going off” he said” the guy doctor said I got HIV” I told him wat?? Why they didn’t explain to us??

So I came out from the room and look for the doctor and ask them why u do not explain to us.. And how come you told my dad he is having HIV???

So he explain, he was telling my dad.. Maybe he would have.. So I ask him.. Which is which.. As a doctor, you should not said that.. You should check his blood test first.. Not just said you have or maybe you have..

So I told them, is better for you to explain.. Both of them came in to my dad room.. I told them.. You should explain to ur patients properly and tactfully.. If the patient don’t understand get a Malay nurse or caregiver to explain or one of the family members whom is there at the moment.

So the doctor Tay Yi Hang… Use her pointer fingers and pointing to my dad shoulder which near to the chest.. And said loudly” uncle no HIV ok.. And roll her eyes and dash to door to go off.. I said” that’s all?? She said, anymore question?? I said you are being rude… As her tone was grumpty thruout.. Showing sacastics body language movements.. So I told her.. In that case I guess my dad is not safe to be in this hospital with your attitude.. Worst still you are the doctor.. And the nurse is better than you… So sad to see a Singapore doctor to have this kind of attitude which embarrass the country which the government have set a high expections when come to Medicals in Singapore .. Both the doctor walk away just like that.. And I ask them discharge my dad.. She said ok.. Will get the nurse to do it… And I said, ok… The reason why my dad left this hospital is because of the both of you.. And roll her eyes and walk away..

Again I am shock… They allow that to happen when the patient is a isolated client.. And walk off…

And another Malay nurse, Chinese nurse and a senior staff Chinese nurse came.. And talk to us.. They also agree, that the doctor can’t do that… And they were very sorry of wat had happen.. After which their senior doctor which is a young lady name DR NOH.. She was talking so fast and I guess she is tense up.. Again I explain to her.. And told her get the 2 doctors to apologize not to me but the patient which is my dad… She keep quiet awhile.. So I ask her, can or not?? She shake her head.. So I told her, cannot right?? So I do not want to waste my time.. I need to rush my dad to another hospital fast due to his conditions.. The nurse bring us to the lift.. Keep on apologies of wat happen… All the nurse in ward 61 night shift.. Thumbs up to you guys… But too bad your doctor is not.. But again, they did not give us any memo for us to pass to the next hospital at all..

So we left, straight to emergency back.. Where my father was in the beginning… And get the staff that we would want to speak to the most senior doctor in the emergency department. His name was DR Victor.. He was calming and listen to us of wat happen. And advice my dad to put on the mask.. And call the ward 61 doctor to settle the issues.. He also understand the situation.. He said, he will give us a memo for the next hospital for the next doctor to review my dad case… That’s call a responsible doctor which think for the patience than his pocket… Not like the doctors in ward 61 (2 of them) whom don’t think of the patient.. But just work for the sake of the salary instead.. We still demand for the 2 to apologies for another last chance for them but did not still… So we have no choice but to take the memo from emergency and off to another hospital instead.. And we also mentioned we will viral it to the public to see what have happen for a patient which been isolated… Will like to take this opportunity to tell everyone… We have to ensure our elderly parents in a good hands when admitted to the hospital.. And must not ill treat the elderly when they are in the hospital…

Source: Amboi Susan Mariam



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