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Nude Woman At Pioneer MRT Station




A caucasian woman, 35, was seen naked on 6 June 2018 at the platform of Pioneer MRT Station. Some photos of this incident have been circulating around social media, including Whatsapp and Facebook. The photos depict her with an SMRT staff member as well as another man.

The SMRT staff member can be seen trying to cover the woman in a cloth to cover her modesty. The man with the caucasian woman also appears to be trying to calm her down.

Unable to diffuse the situation alone, the police were called in around 10.30pm where the woman was arrested under the mental health act. The reason as to why she made such a bold and daring move is still unclear.

There were many mixed reactions online, although most netizens were quite light-hearted and dismissed the incident quickly. They said she was probably “mentally unsound” or “siao” and that such incidents are hard to predict and prevent. Some even joked that the weather or station was probably too hot.

On the other hand, a smaller number of netizens were outraged and disgusted by the woman’s actions, lamenting on how this indecent act might influence or affect children in the vicinity.


The most prominent nudity incident prior to this would probably be the couple on strolling naked in Holland Village in 2009. The Holland Village incident went pretty viral (even during the time where social media wasn’t as rampant in the society.)

If this incident is indeed a case of mental unsoundness, it will definitely be pardoned and forgotten in time to come. Let’s just hope less of these incidents happen on our sunny shores.



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