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NParks allegedly conducts speed checks in parks: Netizens react



If you thought Singapore’s need to monitor your speed was getting excessive, it just got worse.

Singapore is now conducting speed checks in parks.

Yes. That means you could actually be fined for riding your bike too fast.NParks alledgedly conducts speed checks in parks: Netizens react

Facebook user Prakash Anand Suvarna took to Facebook group Love Cycling SG to let other cyclists know that NParks was conducting speed checks along East Coast Park yesterday.


Photo Credit: Prakash Anand Suvarna

NParks had put up a sign advertising the 25km/hr speed limit. The sign also let riders know that this applied to everything from bicycles to personal mobility devices (PMDs).

Responses to this were varied with some netizens supporting the move and others criticising it.

Many people who were against it complained that it was hard to find out one’s speed as bicycles and PMDs generally do not come equipped with speedometers.

Photo Credits: Facebook

However, there were also many who were in support of this move by NParks. They felt that riders did tend to go too fast at times and regulating their speed would ensure a safer environment for everyone at the parks.

Photo Credits: Facebook

What are your thoughts on this new move by NParks? Let us know in the comments!

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