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Nasty woman tick off nurses because she wanted to be attended IMMEDIATELY!



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Hi guys please do watch this video and learn from this, basically this women was pissed with the nurses for not attending to her within a short period of time, and the nurses was busy attending other patients. Excuse me Ma’am, you want to talk about professionalism?

Please bare in mind that YOU OR WHOEVER IS NOT THE ONLY PATIENT IN SINGAPORE, YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO WAITED FOR FREAKING HOURS. Why don’t you try to put yourself in their shoes as a nurse, you think their job is easy ?

You think working as a nurse chin chai chin chai fast fast chop chop? Please have some common sense, we all know that you’re tired waiting for hours, but please ah, my mom and i waited longer than you! All you do is standing there and complain. My god.

Watch video here

Source: Siti Nuratikah



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