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Myanmar Fans Talk Trash, Insult and Post Racist Comments On FAS Facebook Page After Winning 2-1





It was a tough day after the Singapore Lions were beaten by the Myanmar team yesterday 2-1, Myanmar fans showed their true colors by going to the Football Association of Singapore Facebook page to boast about their team’s victory. Surprisingly, many Myanmar fans also posted, trash talks, racist and insulting comments about Singaporeans and Singapore players, which angered many Singaporeans netizens.

In heated exchanges between Singapore and Myanmar fans, netizens from Myanmar were seen insulting the skin color, religion and playing style of the Singapore Lions. They insulted the Singapore Muslim players by calling them “ISIS” players or making fun of their dark skin tone. These netizens from Myanmar also accused the Singapore side of playing dirty by roughing up their players, an accusation which Singaporean fans countered by pointing out that Myanmar’s players had resorted to diving and gaining sympathy points from the referee.

(Source: Facebook)



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