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My Uber request was cancelled because I was wearing head scarve




Great!! My uber request was cancelled!

Let me explain the reason why. I called the driver and he’s the conversation between us

Me: Hi,… I think you drove pass me. Where do you want me to wait for you?

Driver: Are you the one wearing the white head scarves and black dress?

Me: Yes! Where do you want me to wait for you?

Driver: Sorry! I do not take people cover like that.

Moments later, i received notification from Uber with the following message

“Your Uber request was cancelled by the driver. We will find you another driver.”

Me: *Hail incoming cab*


Apparently, the driver name is Kai Jin driving a black mitsubishi Lancer

Editor: What do you think of this? Is this discrimination against another religion? Let us know your comments below




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