My son foot got caught in the escalator and the crocs shoe was completely chewed off


We had a terribly close shave and bad scare. Sharing this to warn other parents about the perils of this popular footwear.

Today, my son foot got caught in the escalator at novena square 2. He was standing still nowhere near the yellow line or side. I was holding his hand next to him. As he was getting off the escalator the shoe got trapped and I quickly pulled him off the escalator. The front of the crocs was completely chewed off and the whole escalator came to a halt behind us. Thanks to his habit of curling his toes in his shoes, his toes were not hurt at all.

These were authentic crocs. Please be careful about letting your kids wear crocs or similar rubber shoes on the escalators. I never knew it could be this real a threat.

Source: Julia Lim