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My child in childcare center was bitten on the face by another kid.





I Came back home from a Full Day of class, eager to hug my darlings, only to be Told That my Darling Boy got bitten. I checked His Hands and found nothing, until I saw His face. Heartache? Definitely. Upset? Maybe.

Then I asked myself. Why was he bitten? So I posted this question to my son, “what happen to your face?” “Xxx (let’s call the child xxx) bit me,” he replied. “I sat on the chair and Me xxx bit, “he Said. So my Son sat on His Chair and so xxx bit my Son so a bit of His Bad Skin Came off ?! How do CAN xxx That ?! As a parent, What CAN I do? Tell the principal? Tell the Teacher? Complain to the Ministry? scold the Child? Or blame the parents for not educating Their Child? Do I have the right to be Angry and Upset That this Incident Happened? Why not? Since it’s not the first time it Happened to HIM and moreover, by the Same Child.

BUT Lucky for the Child (and Maybe parents), I am a Preschool professional and I very Well Studied about Children’s Development. So I Would like to Take this Opportunity to Share some facts about Children , so parents CAN Understand There are Several Reasons Why a Child bites:.

1. Teething ?

2. Exploring Their World (What ?! Using Their Mouth to Explore the World Absurd as it May sound, BUT Yes, Children are very Sensorial beings and THEY Explore with Their 5 Senses)

3. Curiosity (THEY get Reaction See you. So it ERM Find THEY Actually, my field adequately?)

4. THEY Crave Attention (Yes, Adults Will REACT, albeit in a negative Way. BUT let’s Admit. The Children receive the Attention does right?)

5. A form of expressing Their Emotions. (Because THEY Might be lacking in Language, THEY Use other means to Express Their Emotions)

6. In Defense. Children are egocentric by Nature (Everything is about Me , myself and I). So for my son who had crossed into his “territory”, I would say he’s at fault too.

It is very easy for parents to point fingers at anyone. But before we do that, pause and think. We Adults are rationale beings while THEY are learning to be like US. Let’s try to look from 2 Sides of the Coin. Let try to Understand Why THEY do That, before Stomping in to School to demand an explanation.

What was the Teacher doing, u may ask. As a parent myself, when my son was younger, he would suddenly bite my thigh from the back or bite us when he gets too excited when we’re playing, or even when he’s angry. Could I have stopped him? Yes I could, only after the incident happened. By talking to him and educating him that he could have used better ways to express himself such as using words.

Now let’s talk about a teacher with many children to handle. Think about it. If we can not prevent an accident from happening at home, do you think teachers are magicians? I can assure u, teachers put in their BEST effort in ensuring your children are in good hands. While the teacher is attending to other children, her peripheral vision is actually watching your child (we are good at this), listening and thinking of an answer to reply, on her toes to be ready to react should anything happen, ensuring the safety of every child. What do you do when you pick your child at the end of the Day?

Do you Thank your Child’s Teachers every SINGLE Day When your Child is handed over to you safely? Or do you Find fault When SHE Forgets the towel, or did not fold your Child’s Dirty Clothes for you?Let’s Start to Appreciate All teachers (preschool, kindy, primary, secondary, all!). Every single one of them, even if you may not have liked them. Because you do not know how much effort they have put in and sacrificed for your child, while neglecting their Children own, to Care for yours.

After Saying so much, How do I or am I going to resolve this? I googled ‘strategies to Prevent Children from biting’. We have to Solve the problem from the Roots. Not Go BIG one Whole round (of Complaining and Reporting) and Still not getting Anything DONE So here it is if you want to know

A Mother Whose Heart is aching and have much love for Children.



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