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Muslim dad paves the way by teaching kids not to fear dogs



A Muslim man is attempting to change the ideas Muslims have about coming into contact with dogs by encouraging his children to pet them and letting them know that it is okay if they come into contact with a dog’s saliva as long as they ensure that they do their ‘ritual washing’ after.

On June 16, a post was put up on a Facebook page titled ‘Golden Retriever Club – Singapore’ showing a Malay man petting a Golden Retreiever dog wearing a Portugal vest.

The man was encouraging his two young children to not be afraid of the dog as it was God’s creation as well.

Photo Credit: Golden Retriever Club – Singapore

He warned them to be careful not to get into contact with the dog’s saliva but assured them that if they did, they would just have to go through ‘ritual washing’.

The post said this:

Selamat Hari Raya to all the Muslims out there! This picture paints a thousand words.

The father told his children “Come, pat the dog. They are also God’s creation. Just be careful around it’s mouth and if the saliva touches you, we can always do a thorough ritual wash.”

Major respect for this family and thank you for teaching your kids well!

This post was notable particularly because of the misconceptions many Muslims have about dogs due to their religion.

The Quran actually does not forbid dogs. In fact, Muslims can choose to keep dogs for purposes such as hunting, guarding, protecting and for livestock.

However, many Muslims have varying thoughts on what is considered ‘unclean’. Some consider dogs to be completely unclean while others claim that only a dog’s saliva is unclean.

In the olden days, considering a dog to be entirely unclean would not be wrong because they were unhygienic animals which often carried diseases and health hazards. However, nowadays, dogs are generally very clean and do not wander the streets killing other animals and coming into contact with diseases. Which makes them quite safe to touch.

In fact, the religious rule is this:

If a dog’s saliva touches a person’s skin, clothes or anything that is used for eating, they have to go through ‘ritual cleansing’

Ritual cleansing basically involves washing the affected area seven times with water mixed with soil.

What do you think of this man educating his children? Would you do the same?

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