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A mother found a cigarette broken into 3 pieces on the floor and quickly escalated to her son being rushed to the A&E



A mother decided to share her ordeal and would like to remind everyone out there to be careful.

This is what she said.

This morning when I walked out of my room to the kitchen, I saw a non-lighted cigarette broken in 3 on the floor. I shouted for my husband and scolded him for putting his cigarette on the dining table. He scolded me back. We thought our son had played with it. Little did we know how serious the situation will be…

A few minutes later, as I was trying to suck mucus out of my son’s nose, I saw some tobacco stuck on his teeth during the struggle. I quickly told my husband about it and he brushed it aside. Saying it’s nothing if he ingested the contents of the cigarette. Being a mom with anxiety, I Googled it anyway and found out that nicotine is poisonous when ingested.

Right after my husband went to bathe my son, I called the National Poison Centre (Pusat Racun Negara). True enough, the person in charge (Fadhli I think his name was) told me that nicotine IS poisonous and he told me the symptoms to look out for: – Nausea – Vomiting – Diarrhoea – Headache * Symptoms usually takes around an hour to appear.

He also suggested for us to take our son to a hospital or a clinic. About 15-20 minutes after hanging up, my son started being fussy. I was trying to calm him down when he threw up his breakfast on me. There were traces of tobacco in his vomit. Immediately we got ready and went straight to the A&E.

My son is now warded and will be under observation for up to 48 hours. So parents, please be aware of where you keep dangerous/poisonous stuff. Please, please, please be more cautious about your environment especially when you have a toddler at home. And if you’re smoking, I’d advise you to please, just stop. Your smoke and cigarettes are not only dangerous to you, but it’s also dangerous in so many ways to the rest of the family.

Edit: My husband has apologised to me at the hospital. But the damage has already been done. I guess he’s learned his lesson.




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