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Mother cat was so stressed, she at her kitten!




They don’t want to be born as stray, no home, no love, no owner, or the worst being abandon. Being stray, without a place they could call home, and got pregnant due to irresponsible owner who discarded them when they are no longer cute and not sterilizing them. This is what we human had created.

Increasing the population of the strays on the street, let me name this mummy cat Lico, she was found to be heavily pregnant, and help was needed for her, I decided to help her and got her send to me, on the way, she started giving birth. She has no proper nesting, no proper bed, no one around for her when she was going to be in labour then, and her helo came, she was noticed by a friend, and leads her to me.

Being a First time mummy, she was so stressed that she ate up the kitten, which was only left with the paw, I’ve managed to secure and setup a place for her to deliver her kittens, she was shivering and of cause in pain. She started to delivered kitten by kitten, and to assure her that we are not harming her, she allowed me to assist her in the delivering, but not a good start that she left me a nip on my finger, after much of coaxing, she calmed down, and she delivered 4 other kittens, and they are now latching on her, she is having contraction now which I suppose the last one will be out in awhile.

Please be a responsible owner, please sterilized your pets, please do not release those in sterilized animals out and populate with more strays. They don’t need to go thru this, they don’t deserve it.

What over population caused? Culling! Encourage your friends or people you know to have their pets sterilized, and lastly don’t abandon them, they can’t fence for themselves, they are just like a helpless child on the street. You will be putting them into so much danger.

I hope that little Paw of the late kitten says something, so don’t create such problem. Sterilization is the key to help them, help us, help the society.

Source: Derrick

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