Money changer at Rivervale Mall allegedly shortchange just because she’s a maid

According to a post by Eddie, he was pissed as the money changer at Rivervale Mall allegedly cheated his money.

He asked his helper for help on changing money but when his helper returns home, the money changer gave a ridiculous low rate.

This is what he said on his post:

Beware of this fucking money changer at Rivervale Mall. My helper went to help me do money change and the TOP is what the fucker give my helper.

After she came home I went back to question him abt the Super Low rate… I demand to change back the amount given to him. After hearing this, he say he will adjust the amount ABIT.

A good fucking $60 plus dollars call abit. I even warn this fucker dun think helper come to do money change can always short change them. This bloody cb Kia.

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