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Mini bus driver played braking game and pointed middle finger as she ferried children



Rebecca shared that this female minibus driver played the braking game, causing her to sustain a neck injury after being forced to use her emergency brakes.

Rebecca was traveling along Sengkang Easy Way on 25 October when this happened.

The minibus driver who was behind her kept using the horn and attempted to overtake her vehicle.

This is what she said:

Road range of an school bus : plate number : PC7008C
at that moment , there are still many children on the bus .

I hope all children’s parents be alert and better don let your children to be in this bus. I am also a Mother , I also saw many road rage .

But this time I must share and do something. Cause it is a school bus .

To be a safety driver and also be responsible to other people and family’s life .

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