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Mcdonalds rider took cab to deliver our huge order so we can eat breakfast during ramadhan




We order our food frm McDonalds at 3am plus.. cause we have to eat before we fast in islam we call it “sahur” meaning to fill up your stomach before the fasting day start..

We were loitering around outside in a group of about 30 worker and.. around 4am plus came a taxi.. someone cracked a joke.. says that our mac came by taxi.. so we just laugh..

When the taxi stop.. it was really the mac delivery.. so we laugh out loud.. we ask what happened to your bike..

they say.. order too much so they have to travel by cab..

so kuddos to the outlet who make the fast decision for us who want to “sahur” .. even though a bit late but the effort counts..

(Source: Facebook)

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