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Man Who Eats Too Much Tofu Has 420 Kidney Stones Removed From His Body




A Chinese bloke who ate tofu every single day and drank barely any water had to have 420 kidney stones removed from his body.

The 55-year-old, known only as Mr He, went to the doctor last month after experiencing severe abdominal pain and a CT scan found he had a kidney full of stones.

He booked in for an operation immediately because he couldn’t p*ss due to the pain and a delay meant the kidney would need to be removed.

According to People’s Daily Online, Dr Wei, the surgeon who treated Me He, said he was absolutely shocked by the number of stones he found.

I have never seen so many stones before. The operation took less than two hours of which 45 minutes was used to remove the stones. At the end of the operation I realised my arms and legs were numb. The plate used to collect the stones had at least 420 of them of varying sizes and coloured green and yellow. These didn’t include the tiny rice sized stones that were taken out using specialist suction equipment and these numbered over 100.

The bean-based products often have a high level of calcium and that can easily lead to kidney stones through eating too much of it. A lack of water intake means the calcium quickly builds up inside the body.

Apparently, Mr He said he first had pain 20 years ago and was treated for more than 10 kidney stones but in the past few years, the discomfort and pain had become way more intense.

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