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Man sentenced to jail for abusing and killing toy poodle



On 8 February 2018, a man was sentenced to jail for three months for mistreating his ex-girlfriend’s family pet, Treasure, and caused its death by flinging it against the wall.

Gerald Kok Zhin Oi, 23, was convicted of four of seven charges of abusing Treasure on multiple times between July and December 2016.

He is also banned from owning an animal for one year from the date he is released from jail.

The dog belonged to his girlfriend’s brother, who installed a CCTV camera in his bedroom to keep tabs on Treasure. He suspected Kok of hitting Treasure, and told his mother not to leave Kok alone with Treasure at any point in time.

“It all started in July when Treasure bit (Kok) for no reason,” Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) prosecutor Yap Teck Chuan said.

Kok admitted he ill-treated the dog a few times over the following months, culminating in the fatal incident on Christmas Day in 2016.

The family went out at about 5:20 pm and unintentionally left Treasure alone with Kok on 25 December 2016. Shortly after leaving the house, Kok’s girlfriend’s mother then recollected that her son reminded her not to leave Kok alone with the dog.

Kok’s girlfriend returned to the flat immediately, and caught Kok standing near her bedroom with bloodied tissue. To her horror, she saw Treasure lying bloodied and motionless on the floor. She took the dog to the vet, and Treasure was pronounced dead at the spot.

An X-ray showed that Treasure had suffered neck and skull fractures due to blunt force trauma to the head.

Kok had lied that he was carrying Treasure to the bedroom when he slipped and fell, the prosecutor said. However, the CCTV camera had captured Kok hitting the dog and flinging it across the bed.


For ill-treating Treasure, Kok could have been jailed for up to 18 months and fined up to S$15,000 on each charge.

“AVA takes a stern view of animal cruelty and will not hesitate to take enforcement action against any person or organisation found to have committed acts of animal cruelty,” the authority said, adding that it would press for deterrent sentences if warranted.

Members of the public can contact AVA at 1800-476-1600 to report cases of animal cruelty.

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33 people injured after bus collision at Bukit Batok bus stop





Credit: Line Gabas

Two buses collided at a bus stop in Bukit Batok earlier today (11 May). This happened at Old Jurong Road at around 9:30 am.


Facebook user Linie Gabas shared photos of the accident which shows a badly damaged SBS Transit bus.

According to The Straits Times. it was reported that 33 people were taken to the hospital with injuries.

The rear window of the SMRT bus was knocked off.



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Taxi driver fine $300 for refusing to pick up passenger at taxi stand




Jeffrey shared a photo of a fine for S$300 for refusing to pick up a passenger at MRT station taxi stand.


This incident happened on 24 January at about 8:40 am in front of Admiralty MRT station. Jeffrey said that he put the “Change shift” display on his taxi and entered the taxi stand.

According to the rule 25 of the road traffic (Public Service Vehicles) (Vocational Licences and conduct of drivers, conductors, trishaw riders and passengers) rules, he committed an offence under section 131(1) of the road traffic act.

He was given 6 vocational licence demerit points for this incident.

Jeffrey could have been fined up to S$1000 and jailed up to 3 months for the first-time offender.

Do you think this is fair for the taxi driver? Leave your comments below!


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26-year-old jumped onto Grab car at St James Power Station, results in repair bill of almost $15,000



A 72-year-old Grab driver drove to St James Power Station in the unearthly hours of 5th May 2018, and a 26-year-old man sprang a surprise jump onto the hood of the driver’s car.

The young man was allegedly celebrating his 26th birthday before the incident happened.

He was charged in court on 7th May 2018.


Hello!! Do u have nothing better to do than to bully a 72 years old grab driver? My dad has done nothing to provoke u. He jumped on his car and your friend even shouted “ we apologised already, what’s more u want?” Fearing for his safety, my dad drove off to prevent confrontation. Please share and make him famous. Dun think you can escape just like this. I will get you!

Posted by Belleiansa Xu on Friday, 4 May 2018

The video was posted by the driver’s son, Alan Koh, on what took place that fateful night, near Envy Dance Club.

According to Koh, a person claiming to be friends with the 26-year-old, Chee Chu Siong, contacted him to offer an apology on his behalf.

Koh added that Chee was also agreeable to paying compensation then.

On 6th May 2018, Koh shared that his father, himself and Chee were in negotiations of the damages’ cost but no actual conclusion was made.

This was because the car serving centre was closed at that time, and the Kohs were unable to obtain a quotation for repairs.

The Koh family expects Chee to bear the full costs of the repair as the family is not extremely wealthy.

Even if they had the financial ability, they would not pay the costs as they felt that it was not logical for them to pay for “the mistakes that someone else made”.

Koh also shared that a man offered to help them by spearheading a crowdfunding exercise, but the family declined the kind gesture.

After a service centre’s diagnosis, the total sum amounted to S$14,967.48.

The photo of the invoice was shared to

We hope that this case study serves as a warning to all who wants to commit a rash act. Be wise and think twice!

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