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Man bribes phone repair shop not to repair phone



Photo Credits: Iven Wong Facebook

It’s pretty common for most Singaporeans to hunt around for the cheapest phone repair price. No one really wants to fork over a few hundred just to replace a phone screen. Which begs the question: Why would you pay $100 for someone not to repair your phone?

Ask Iven Wong of Gadgets Connection. What probably seemed like a routine phone repair turned out to be an imaginative scheme by one of his customers. In his post on Facebook, the picture shows $50 bills enclosed within the phone and a note reading, “Bro, pls don’t fix it, my wife wan[t] to spot-check, this is my little present!!!”

Maybe there’s more to this story. It seems like a similar incident has occurred before. As one commenter pointed out, it could have been a “copycat”, “trying to advertise their shops with such tricks”. Well, it worked, didn’t it?

A resourceful husband, or a marketing ploy? Either way, it’s a good laugh.

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