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Man allegedly kicked young boy on his back and this lady saved the day!



Azlinda shared her frustration on social media saying that a man allegedly kick her son on his back resulting in abrasion at his ankle.

The man walked off from the scene and pretend nothing happened. A lady by the name of Doreen Chew chased after the man, confronted him and called the police.

The man admitted that he kicked the young boy.

This is what she wrote:

My mil & 2 of my kids were walking along the roadside to flag for cab after marketing. While this guy is walking on their opposite direction. For no reason, this guy had side kick my son hard that his back hurt thus fell and got abrasion at his ankle. Well look at the size of the culprit?! after doing so he just jolly well walked off from the scene. Alhamdulillah… Thank god, there’s a brave lady who saw the incident chased after him till the road divider of the nearest traffic light and even had a tough time talking to him into going back to the scene while the lady called the police. I didn’t manage to see/meet/thanks this kind soul. Whoever you are, may God bless you and your family.
Before police arrived my mil questioned him why he did that and he rudely raised his voice saying yes he kicked my son.

I was not at scene but mil called me immediately while police was interrogating this culprit and i managed to speak to my son into getting a picture of this $#@. As parents of course i’m worried and have every right to know who the f@%$ that had caused hurt to any of my children.

Then came another passerby who witnessed and told the police that before he reached to my son, he had slapped a younger kid who is still in kindergarten. WTH!! Culprit was soon brought back to station for further interrogation. Medic was called up to have a thorough checked on my son.

Looking at how he dressed and his body built do u think he’s Crazy?High on drugs?Stress? For whatever the reason to his actions, i’m thankful that my family are safe. To yishunlanders, please be alert of surroundings and let’s keep a look out for each other.

Day/Date: Wednesday/ 29 Nov 2017
Venue: Yishun Ring Road
Time: Approx. 12.30pm

Doreen Chew wrote this on her post:

It seems like an ordinary morning, my girl and I, just after a wonderful heavy breakfast, were on our way to buy her books when we heard a commotion. A young malay boy, around my son age and size is flat on floor.

He was with his 2 elderly relatives and a younger girl. He called for help but thou many people were around, everyone just ignored.

I ran over to the boy only to know that a middle aged tall man had kicked this boy’s kidney from behind for no reason. As this boy’s hands were full with shopping bag, he couldn’t break his fall. His left kidney bruised and ankle bleeding. I can only see that man’s fleeting back.

His elderly relatives keep asking people to ‘tolong’ and catch that culprit but to no avail. I don’t know what got on to me, I just sprinted off and managed to catch up to that idiot at the traffic light junction. He had wanted to run away as the red man was on but I caught up to him in the middle of the junction. (like movie sia)

He was very defensive and aggressive. He had initially refused to go back to face the victim but after my constant edging he had no choice but followed me back. He told me he has ‘mental cert’ which i replied.. ‘me too’ .

Halfway thru he punched me from behind which I almost fell, I turned and told him, one time I give you face ok.. 2nd time, I will hit you back. you don’t try your luck.. (my girl said i look real powerful then. lol) He dare not try to hit me again and instead choose to mindless ranting along the way. I called police. The police came within 5mins! Cool! Cause he is getting more aggressive already.

It’s then I knew, this crazy man had hit another young girl earlier and the grandma also no choice as no one helped her. HA! I indirectly helped two poor kiddos ! Super cool. !!

As i leave, the two elderly malay auntie thanked me profusely, thou i can’t understand what they say.. I know I helped them… the feeling is super GOOD! All these were witness by my girl and my girl beaming with pride said.. she is so proud of me! Super woman!!!

Thou there is a danger that this mad man might attack me… but I can’t stand seeing little kids, old people or small pets get bullied… I can’t stand and just look…

Now back home, in my kids arms.. my two kids are so generous with their praises and proud that their mom is a brave woman. i was so deflated these two days and this incident gave me a real booster!!! Nothing beats knowing my kids is as proud of me as I am proud of them.

Just hope this man gets his punishment.

p.s. this coffee is my reward from my girl.. lol



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