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Male Flasher spotted at Punggol



Please help share if you care, for parents with young children, please take note, please be aware, please be vigilant, please take extra precaution.
For the ladies as well.

It was brought to my attention that my cousin’s domestic helper was heading of from the house to pick up my 4yrs old niece after school at the school transport drop of point. She has my 2yrs old nephew along waiting for my niece, it happened during bright daylight, a middle age Indian guy followed the helper to the bus-stop in Punggol, and came seated beside the helper exposing his private part and touching it beside the helper. Bright daylight! You heard it right. Hence the helper move away holding my nephew and the guy was seated there doing his gross actions. When my niece’s school bus came, the guy ran off. The poor Panicking and crying helper seek help from the transport lady which she came forward with the driver and saw the guy running away. During that moment, transport auntie called up my sis and told her about the incident, and that was when the transport auntie usher the helper together with my niece and nephew to the block assuring that the guy ran off.

The helper held my nephew and grab my niece and took the lift home, the scariest thing happened, the Indian man appeared at the lift on level 2, when the lift door opened, he walked into the lift, the panicking helper grab the kids and hide them away from this fellow, he unzipped himself and exposing himself in the lift and asking the helper to touch his private area, poor her was crying and the kids were so scare and started crying as well, the worst has yet to come, he commented to the helper, if she don’t want to touch his private part, get the little girl which is my 4yrs old niece to touch (how sick!!!), being a good helper to the family shield the traumatizing kids away from guy and escaped moment when the lift door opened!

Police report has been made, and investigation is on going, we would like to urge everyone to be extra careful, there’s camera in the lift but we have yet to receive information from the police then which resulted us to have to head down for update.

We all know that it’s The big thing going on now GE2015, but I suppose that this type of crime is every more important, we are now talking about the safety of the general public, traumatizing children, traumatizing helper and worry parents & relatives.

Please help share this post even if you are not staying in Punggol estate, I believe the more people who are aware of this incident, the more voices made, the more efficiency and faster action can be taken. Your every share can help and prevent the future crime and harm to the vulnerable ones especially young children.

To uphold the law, to protect life & property. #singaporepoliceforce #spf

A very upsetting uncle

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