Malaysian lady robbed and sexually assaulted by robbers in Ampang, Pandan Jaya


According to Sinchew, 22-year-old lady was groped and forced to perform oral sex by two man. The incident took place at approximately 1 am at the staircase of an apartment in Ampang, Pandan Jaya, Malaysia.

The lady was going back to her place alone after having supper. However, she was intercepted at the staircase by two men. The men robbed her valuables and worse, stripped her clothes off before molesting her. She was even forced to perform oral sex at the staircase. Luckily, a couple passed by and shouted at the culprits.

They took off with the belongings of the lady after being spooked by the couple. A report was lodged and one of the culprits was nabbed by the police in just three hours. The lady’s valuables were recovered as well.