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Malay wedding groomsmen jog around bridal car Kim Jong Un style



Recently, a video went up showing Kim Jong Un’s bodyguard’s jogging alongside his car as it went from place to place. That post quickly went viral with many finding it excessive and quite a hilarious sight.

However, Kim Jong Un’s human motorcade has proved to be quite a trendsetter and was the inspiration behind a group of groomsmen’s funny stunt.

A video was recently posted on Twitter by user Nabil Aidil showing a group of seven groomsmen at a Malay wedding jogging alongside the bridal car as it brought the newly-weds to Mamanda Restaurant.

The video has since generated over 24,000 views and over 1,700 retweets.

While this stunt was clearly done in the spirit of fun, Kim Jong Un’s human motorcade is far from a simple joke. Men in his human motorcade are specifically chosen for their fitness, marksmanship, martial arts skills, and even looks.

While they do not provide any extra protection as Kim Jong Un’s vehicle is already heavily armoured, they are integral in being observers and detectors of threats.

What do you think of this funny stunt?

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