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Makcik steals money from stall in front of seller: Son apologises and returns money



Recently, CCTV footage of a Muslim woman cheating a fruit seller out of money went viral. Her son has since come out to apologise and to return the money to the fruit seller.

On 25 June, Facebook user Fu Yuet Hoe shared a video showing a hijab-clad woman buying vegetables from a stall. She handed the seller a note and he gives her back her change in a number of bills.

The woman immediately takes a $10 note and stuffs it into her pocket.

She then counts her money and insists that the seller gave her the wrong change. The seller counts the money again and proceeds to give her an $10 to account for the one she hid in her pocket.

The 31-year-old fruit seller,Ah Yi, told Lianhe Wanbao that he was “very suspicious” when it happened because he has been working at the stall for two years and always checked the amount before handing it over.

“The woman bought four persimmons and 1kg of rambutans, which cost $12 in total. She gave me $50 and I returned her $38, not knowing that she had hidden $10,” said Ah Yi. “When she left, I was still a little suspicious. I told the stall owner and checked the CCTV footage, and realised that the woman had indeed cheated money.”

The 45-year-old stall owner, Mr Cai, told Lianhe Wanbao that the women had been frequenting the stall for about five years and that she always had “dirty” tricks up her sleeves”.

The owner added that the woman’s son had since returned to the stall and apologised as well as returned the stolen money. Her son claimed that his mother was ill and had not stolen the money on purpose.

Mr Cai said: “Her son was very sincere and we forgive the woman, but we will be more careful next time.”

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