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Lady driver hit my bike and refuse to stop until I give a chase up and down the slippery slopes





Because you’re not worth that much of my time, I shall be nice and not file a report against you. Well, here’s a microscopic portion of my time dedicated to pray for a screw-up fugger like u. I hope you do not kill anyone on the road just because it was raining hence affecting your vision so much so you drove into two lanes full of oncoming cars which resulted in you, hitting into my precious bike and I. Damn you seriously.

You went on to give me that wtf attitude when you’re obviously in the wrong and you drove off even before I could accept your i-owe-you-so-i-apologise apology. You made me chase u up and down the slippery slopes in the rain only to pull over after some distance.

You refuse to hand me your driver’s license and told me to take a picture of your beautiful back as well as your “bravo” car if I’d like to since there was nothing wrong with me and my bike.

I sincerely pray for u‪#‎hitandrunbitch‬ u should consider getting the fug off the road and I hope u and your omg-don’t-know-when-to-shut-up passenger friend do not kill anyone on the road ya lifetimes. I’m blessed and I wish to bless you both. Amen.

Source: Ivan

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