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Job Recruiter reject Chinese Muslim lady for applying admin job because she can’t eat pork




Ms Heidi Heng says was looking for a job, and put up an advertisement on Gumtree forum.

She was contacted by a recruiter, who then rejected her because it was looking for “Chinese-speaking” candidates.

The recruiter had seen a picture of her via Whatsapp messenging service, in which she was wearing a tudung.

Heng seemed disappointed at how the conversation had panned out, even labeling the comments that the staff member made as “racist”.
“Work is work, food is food. I can eat Halal food, (you) can eat (your) non-Halal food. Just (wanted) a simple admin job, end up get a racist comment… Admin job got event every month meh (sic)?” she said.
Most of the commenters on Facebook have shown support for Heng while criticising the company.
“I don’t see why one’s dietary preference will hinder the productivity of the admin job… what if the candidate is a Chinese vegetarian?” said a Bob M Fauzi.

UPDATE: The Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices is in the process of finding out more information on Heidi Heng’s job application process.



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