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ISP charged me extra dollars for my data usage that I never even use!




Hi frens, just like to alert everyone with regards to SingTel data charges.. All along my data usages has been on average 6GB-9GB..(my plan is 12GB data plan) But the latest bill was a shocker (18GB!!)

This data surge has happened twice before, every time it exceeds 12GB I would immediately call SingTel up and get a recourse, because I know and keep track of my data usages..and both time they waived off the additional data charges.

The 3rd time it happened..(18GB usage) I was taken aback.. Because there wasn’t any changes to the way I was using my data..Called SingTel up immediately to ask for recourse, but was told “sorry we have already waived off twice before, can’t waive anymore”
So I questioned them, so I have to pay for data I have not been using? And in the future SingTel just charge me for 18GB of data usage I should just pay up??

The bottom line is, if you guys feel that there’s a sudden surge of data charges, better call and get a recourse.
Attached is the bills for the past few months up to the latest shocker..

Question is how can average of 8GB/mth usage surge up to 18GB?? That’s damn ridiculous.. They couldn’t answer me, all they can say is they have a record that it is a valid data usage and have been captured..and I’m just suppose to suck thumb and accept that!?

I’m currently still using the old SingTel subscription plan of $50/mth for 12GB data, the SingTel customer service officer told me that if I upgrade to the new 12GB plan ($170+/mth) they can waive off the excess data charges bill for me.
It sure does sound ridiculous!
It seems like $50/mth (12GB data plan) isn’t bringing in any profits, so what other ways to do it? Jack up e data plan usage and just say “we have check and data usage incurred is valid”

Source: Glen Chew

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