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IRAS phishing emails involve users to enter credit card details



Hackers and scammers in Singapore are currently targeting and impersonating Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) to target victims in order to retrieve their personal particulars and credit cards numbers.

The victim is informed that there’s an error in their tax report and will need them to download a file that contains a virus.

Below are some of the examples

Here’s some tips from IRAS:

  1. Lately, scam emails that mimick IRAS’ email address ending with “” have been sent to some members of the public. Certain parts of the email details have been changed by the scammers to make them appear as if the email was sent by IRAS. Such scam emails usually carry a file attachment requesting the recipients to open it. You are advised not to click on any link or open any attachment in the email as it may contain computer virus.
  2. IRAS does not send out official emails from personal email accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail, or other unfamiliar email domains. IRAS’ email replies are usually signed off with an officer’s name, designation and contact information. IRAS also does not send out confidential documents such as tax return forms, notices of assessment, refund letters or other tax statements through unsecured emails. Confidential documents are deposited in the secured tax portal at Taxpayers may log in to the portal using their SingPass to retrieve their tax statements or e-File their tax returns via
  3. IRAS will not ask you to provide your confidential personal details through emails. We encourage you to use myTax Mail to correspond with IRAS. If your enquiry contains confidential information, we will respond to you via myTax Mail.
  4. When you make a cheque payment for tax, it must only be made payable to one of the relevant payees, as given below :

Comptroller of Income Tax

Comptroller of Goods & Services Tax

Comptroller of Property Tax

Commissioner of Stamp Duties

More information can be found at IRAS’ website



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