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I hope the ministers will be on the ground more often to see all these poor people




I hope.

I hope the ministers will be on the ground more often.
I hope to see them at the bus stations, mrt stations, wet markets, flats etc interacting with the common citizens without media attentions.
Not every 5 years once. ☺
I hope my dear Ministers that you don’t ever forget that if you often look at us from a highpoint, you will see us as small particles.
But we too see you as one when you are up above.
Help the needy more this 5 years. Listen to their needs. Some of them are the building blocks of Singapore during the yesteryears.
PAP. People’s Action Party.
Characterise them by their actions this 5 years ahead so that you won’t be fooled by their words when the next election swings by.
I hope for a glimmer of hope this 5 years.

Source: Muhammad Nashruddien



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