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Horrible food stall insist worm found in food is prawn shit!




On July 3rd, 2015, approximately 12.15AM, I was having supper with my friend at 晶78大排档 located at 515 Woodlands Drive 14 coffee shop. I ordered horfun and was waiting for my food to arrive.
While eating, I spotted something long and black inside my food. As I took it out to inspect, it had a layer of skin outside and had a slight greenish colour to it. It was obviously a worm. I immediately took my plate to the chef of the store to complain. Without even taking a closer look, he arbitrarily asserted that it was prawn shit. I tried explaining that it was not possible, because not only was it long and thick, it was also elastic and could not be broken. He just insisted that it was prawn shit.
I went back to my seats and inspected it a few more times before asking him back to check again. He took a closer look this time but still insisted that it was prawn shit. We tried showing him that it could not be broken, but he insisted on it and just walked off.
We then asked a lady working in the same store to look at it. Although she seemed doubtful that it was prawn shit, she stuck to the chef’s allegement. Along with another lady, they took away the spoon to take a second look. They came back with the spoon still insisting that it was prawn shit.
As we had gotten the attention of the other customers, they came to our table to take a look. They were also doubtful of the store’s answer to us but did not want to make any accusations against them so they suggested that the people came back to give us a proper answer.
The chefs of the store came to take a look and admitted that it was a worm and apologized for their mistake.
As a chef, it is their duty and responsibility to check and make sure the food is clean and safe for consumption. However, it was only after 3 times of denial did the chefs admit their mistake. How is it possible that a chef is not able to differentiate between a worm and the shit of a prawn? Not only did they not have the heart to help me inspect it more carefully, the chefs even challenged to bring out the shit of the prawns to show me. I felt that it was very rude because I was the one getting affected by it.
Please help to share and take note if you ever drop by to eat.

Horrible photos below. Click them for full size.

food0 food1 food2


Source: Han Yang



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